Sunday, May 1, 2016

Come Sail Away - Model Boat Sailing @ South Lake Union Park

Have you wanted to feel the wind in your hair and the sun in your face while commanding your own ship?  Every Saturday and Sunday from May to November, The Center for Wooden Boats rents out model boats for at the model boat pond.  Sailing the boats is as easy as pointing it into the wind and giving it a little push. The hard part is running around to other side after each voyage to sail it back. Pairing sailing with a visit to the MOHAI and a picnic makes for an amazing day out! Boat rentals are a $5 per hour suggested donation and the rentals are open from 11a.m. - 2p.m.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

MUSIC! MOSTERS! ROBOTS! - Experience Music Project/ SciFi Museum

Since the 1950's Science Fiction and Rock-N-Roll have gone hand-in-hand.  From the 1950's portrayal of the Greaser and Rock-a-billy stereotypes to the amazing sci-fi soundtracks of the 70's and 80's(Queen's soundtrack for Flash Gordon comes to mind) the two pop culture branches have been firmly entwined.  Which is why the EMP/ Science Fiction Museum is such an amazing place.  One half of the museum is dedicated to music with a special focus on the musical history of the Northwest (including great exhibits on Jimi Hendrix and the Grunge Era).  There are also oportunities for hands on exploration in the Sound Lab which features a variety of instruments and private recording room to experiment with.  The Science Fiction Museum contains a large collection of sci-fi memorabilia ranging from early pulp novels to current film and television.  Supplementing the permanent exhibits are rotating exhibits at both the EMP and Science Fiction Museum.  Past exhibits have included The Muppets, AC/DC, The Beatles and Alien Encounters.  Admission to one museum gets you into both.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Taste The East In the West – The Original Philly’s

There are few things that are harder than finding a place that will sate the appetite of both the vegetarians and carnivores in a group.  There are many places that will give a decent effort but one half of the group will leave feeling like they somehow missed out.  The Original Philly’s is not one of those places.    The Original Philly’s serves up classic Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches that won’t let your taste buds down.  The Deluxe is their signature sandwich and, heaped with steak, peppers, onions, mushrooms and melted cheese, it is built to appease any appetite.  (It’s also available as a Veggie Deluxe for the same great taste minus the steak.)   In addition to the Cheese Steaks, The Original Philly’s also offers a variety of hoagies, fried fish and some wickedly awesome cheese fries.   Just remember that when they call it a full instead of a large there’s probably a subconscious message there. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feel The Speed – K-1 Speed Indoor Go-Kart Racing

Have you ever wanted to test your mettle against other drivers, but the bumper cars aren’t fast enough and you can’t afford the speeding tickets that would come from street racing?  K-1 Speed in Redmond has you covered.  Although these go-karts resemble the miniaturized vehicles you grew up driving at the amusement park, with a top speed of 40mph these are not your parent’s karts.  Add in the 7 turns, including a wicked hairpin, 7 other drivers and the ideal for drifting concrete floor and you have a heart pumping adrenalin ride that will have you racing again and again.  Just remember to leave your new found power slides at the track.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shop For the Obscure - Archie McPhee

Do you often find yourself in need of a zombie torso, a pink Gorilla costume and alien finger puppets, but you don’t know where to go?  Then you haven’t been to Archie McPhee.  Since 1983 Archie McPhee has been Seattle’s and, through mail-order, the World’s supplier of oddities, unique gifts and little Devil Ducks.  Whether you are looking for the perfect compliments for your Zombie Apocalypse party (Brain-flavored mints, Zombie Finger Puppets for impromptu Apocalypse Theater, Brain gelatin mold, and so much more!) or you just need underwear for the squirrels in your neighborhood, Archie McPhee has you covered.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fly On By - Martha Lake Airfield Park

Many of the parks in Puget Sound have unique origins and many of them are on land with unique histories.  Few of them, however, have the combination that the Martha Lake Airfield Park can boast.  Originally a private airfield until 1990, the land was purchased by Snohomish County in 2000 and developed into a park with the grand opening in 2010.   The park itself consists of a combination of playground, skate park, and sports and open fields.   After spending several hours exploring the ins and outs of the park we still haven’t seen all there is and plan on jetting back soon…(sorry couldn’t resist)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Go Back In Time - The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Knights, mythical creatures, majestic Queens … everyone has, at one point or another, been enamored with these images in their lives.  The charging horses and clash of metal of the joust or the quick wit and merry tune of the bards have been a part of so many of our stories and games throughout our lives.   I’m happy to tell you there is a place to experience these things in person…a sort of time machine if you will.
The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire will whisk you back to the 1570’s where Mary, Queen of Scots, holds court and knights clash in combat for the favor of the Queen.   Beyond the sounds of battle, merchants of all kinds, from clothing and weapons to food and ale, peddle their wares to the various attendees.  The Village of Stonehaven is alive with more than fighting and commerce, bards and traveling troupes of entertainers perform during the course of the day on the various stages throughout the faire and magicians entertain young and old alike with their otherworldly skills.   
Perhaps the best part of the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire is the people watching.  Beyond the performers, merchants, knights and the Queen herself is a dedicated group of people who attend the faire to celebrate their passion for all things Medieval.   Many of the fairgoers have created amazing costumes and personas for the faire into which they transform as soon as they cross the castle gates.  Dressing in period outfits and speaking Ye Olde English isn’t necessary to enjoy the fair, but by the end of the day you may have a hard time walking away without envisioning your next visit as a nobleperson from the quaint shire of Seattle.  Huzzah!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Side Trips - Market Theater Gum Wall

Each region has its locations and events that are common knowledge, but some of the more interesting locales fall off the beaten path with only the local population reveling in their quirky, uniqueness.  The Market Theater Gum Wall is one of Seattle's hidden, albeit slightly gross, gems.  The wall, located mere footsteps from Pike Place Market,  began around 1993 when Seattle theater goers began to stick gum to the wall and press coins into it.  The wall was initially seen as a problem and scraped clean twice only to have the city change gears in 1999 and declare it an official tourist attraction. The wall continues to grow as new visitors add their slightly masticated mark on one of Seattle's walls. Pike Place Gum Wall

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shamble With The Undead – Red, White, and Dead Zombie Walk

There are some things that you have to experience in person.  The Red, White and Dead Zombie Walk in the Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood falls squarely in that category.  Every year around the Fourth of July holiday thousands of people channel their inner undead and shamble together for a record breaking zombie horde that George A. Romero would be proud of.  The event features live music (ironic), food, and free make-up tents for the cosmetically challenged living dead.  The festivities lead to a massive Thriller dance, including a quick tutorial, and culminates in the actual walk itself, which winds throughout Fremont.   The crowds start to thin out after the walk, but feel free to stick around for the evening happenings which have included music and outdoor movies in the past. Just know that if you hang around for the entire event, you may have trouble shaking the Zombie mentality the following day. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sleep Under The Stars – Olympic National Park, Kalaloch Beach and Ruby Beach

One of the best things about the Pacific Northwest is the wide spectrum of outdoor locales that will take your breath away.   While some of these places are in and around urban areas, some of them require a bit more effort to enjoy them…But the travel is well worth it.  The Olympic National Park falls squarely in this category.   The Park encompasses a major part of the Olympic Peninsula and consists of a variety of locales from old-growth forest to driftwood strewn beaches.   Nestled along the coast amidst the massive trees is Kalaloch Campground.  The campground is reflective of the National Park itself with the deepest campsites surrounded by massive, majestic trees which slowly transitions to sites on beachside cliffs with spectacular views of the ocean.  A short walk from any of the sites takes you down to the long, smooth, sands of Kalaloch Beach.   For a more rugged beach experience we drove a few miles north to explore the ever changing expanse of Ruby Beach.   A visit to Ruby beach requires a check of the tide charts to get the full experience; luckily we found it posted at the beginning of the trail to the beach.   Ruby Beach is beautiful regardless of when you visit, but low tide gives you a chance to explore areas that are normally unreachable.   As the tide goes out, the rocks that were previously jutting out of the surf are slowly transformed into an exploratory playground of tide pools and secluded coves.   After devoting a few hours to exploring, the rest of the afternoon is best spent watching the tide roll in as the sun goes down.